Bing Predicts: NFL Week 4

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Raise your hand if you had the Chicago Bears beating the Pittsburgh Steelers last week. The odds all favored the Steelers, but the Bears pulled out a 23-17 win in overtime. That game is just one of the upsets from Week 3.

In the NFL, it seems like there are the “haves” (New England, Atlanta), the “have-nots” (Jets, Browns), and all those teams in between. Week 3 largely preserved this trend.

Still, predicting game outcomes is not an exact science. Injuries occur every day, and occasionally a key player will just have an inexcusably bad Sunday. Of course, a team that needs a big win can inexplicably run out of the tunnel flat and never find a spark.

One of Week’s 3 surprises was the game in London. The Jacksonville Jaguars routed the Baltimore Ravens 44-7 and, in the process, sent Joe Flacco to the bench early. It wasn’t even close even though the Ravens were favored.

Also on Sunday, the New York Jets, who were doubtful to win one game this season, topped the Miami Dolphins 20-6 despite the odds. The Buffalo Bills proved prognosticators wrong when they defeated the Denver Broncos 26-16.

On any given Sunday, no one really knows what will happen. It is what makes the NFL so great.

In Week 4, good matchups abound. Seattle is a huge favorite over Indianapolis, and the same with Atlanta over Buffalo. No surprise that New England gets the nod over the struggling Carolina Panthers. Can the Bears pull off a second straight upset? They play at Green Bay on Thursday night.

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