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The Shortest City Name in Every State

Names are meant to describe and distinguish one thing from another. Whether that’s a sign of creativity or simplicity, names have captivated people from their beginnings. So when settlers came to the United States, they had a lot of opportunity to name new cities. Often they named towns after people, landmarks, or historical events. Sometimes these names were meaningful, and sometimes less so.

Whether they have a deep meaning or not, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the cities with the shortest names in each state.

The shortest city or town names in most states have names with four letters or fewer, with one exception at seven letters. This doesn’t come close to other towns around the world, where even one letter can be a name. In fact, there are seven villages in Sweden with the same one-letter name: Å.

Cities around the world choose their names for a variety of reasons. A place like Cairo was named to remember its glory in ancient history, meaning “Victorious” in Arabic. Other cities are simply named to describe its location, like Shanghai and its translation meaning “city on the sea”.

Some cities chose to name themselves after resources found in the area. But like Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

What do you think is the shortest city name in your state?

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