The Shortest City Name in Every State

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Source: Google Map Data 2017

41. South Dakota
> Shortest town name: Tea
> Population: 4,427

As you may have guessed, Tea, South Dakota gets its name from the drink. The town was initially named Byron, but when applying for a post office, townspeople learned the name was taken. They were told to come up with a list of 10 short names to replace it. During a tea break, the name “Tea” was added to the list and eventually selected as the permanent name.

Source: Nathan / Flickr

42. Tennessee
> Shortest town name: Dyer
> Population: 2,330

The quiet city of Dyer embraces its little city feel. Established in 1899, it was originally known as Peck’s Switch — a name given to it by railroad workers in the area. The town’s railway history is commemorated every July with the annual Dyer Station Celebration.

Source: Billy Hathorn / Wikimedia Commons

43. Texas
> Shortest town name: Van
> Population: 2,654

As many towns began to grow over a century ago, they needed a post office. To get one, they had to settle on a name, so postmasters had a lot of say in what many towns were called. Van got its name from its first postmaster, James Vance.

Source: Google Map Data 2017

44. Utah
> Shortest town name: Roy
> Population: 37,670

Roy was settled in 1873, 25 years after the neighboring community of Ogden. The reason why it was left alone for so many years was because settlers didn’t want to live on the dry and sandy land. Harsh conditions aside, four brothers-in-law came and measured the land for what they hoped would be a permanent settlement. The name is derived from Roy C. Peebles, a child of a local school teacher who died.

Source: ciapix / Wikimedia Commons

45. Vermont
> Shortest town name: Ludlow
> Population: 944

It’s not exactly clear where Ludlow, Vermont gets its name, but we do know it is not the first place to bear that name. Some believe it gets the name from Ludlow, Massachusetts, but others think it took the name from the original Ludlow in England.