The Shortest City Name in Every State

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36. Oklahoma
> Shortest town name: Ada
> Population: 17,149

In the late 1880s, the Daggs family began to settle in the Native American territory that is now known as Ada. The town is named after the daughter of Jeff Reed, a relative of the Daggs who was appointed to carry mail through hostile land. Incorporated in 1901, the city is home to country music singer Blake Shelton and retired NFL player Jeremy Shockey.

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37. Oregon
> Shortest town name: Bend
> Population: 81,780

Bend, Oregon, lies on both sides of the Deschutes River in central Oregon. There used to be a ranch on the banks of the river known as Farewell Bend Ranch. That name was eventually shortened to just Bend and became the town’s name.

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38. Pennsylvania
> Shortest town name: Yoe
> Population: 1,067

Once called Snyderstown, Yoe was established on what was once part of two farms in York township. After being denied a permit for a post office on the grounds that another town in Pennsylvania was bearing the same name, the name Yoe was suggested by Moses Snyder to commemorate his mother and his father’s first wife. The settlement continued to grow and was incorporated into a borough in 1893.

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39. Rhode Island
> Shortest town name: Warwick
> Population: 81,855

Upon its founding in 1642, Warwick, Rhode Island was initially called Shawomet. For decades, there was a disagreement about whether the city belonged to Rhode Island or Massachusetts. Robert Rich, the Duke of Warwick, settled the matter and sided with Rhode Island. Out of gratitude, its residents renamed the city after him.

Source: Google map data 2017

40. South Carolina
> Shortest town name: Iva
> Population: 1,085

Founded by Dr. Augustus Cook, the town acted as a shipping station for the Seaboard Railroad. Originally named Cook’s Station, Dr. Cook changed its name to Iva when he discovered that there was another community with the same name.