30 Richest Millennial Entrepreneurs

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Source: Brian Ach / Getty Images

25. Joe Lonsdale
> Net worth: $425 million
> Company: 8VC
> Birth year: 35 years old

Joe Lonsdale has faced many highs and lows during his career in Silicon Valley, but things appear to be stabilizing now. After helping run big companies like big-data company Palantir and the financial-planning software business Addepar with mixed results, the 35-year-old now helps run venture capital fund 8VC as well as sits on the board of companies like Hyperloop One.

Source: Thos Robinson / Getty Images

24. Chris Hughes
> Net worth: $430 million
> Company: Facebook
> Birth year: 34 years old

The career of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes has been a mixed bag since he left the company in 2007. He helped Barack Obama win the 2008 presidential election by strengthening the campaign’s online organization. Hughes also purchased The New Republic magazine in 2012, but he sold it after gutting its editorial staff and suffering years of financial losses.

Source: William Murphy / Flickr

23. Paul Sciarra
> Net worth: $550 million
> Company: Pinterest
> Birth year: 36 years old

Paul Sciarra spent just two years at Pinterest after helping create the media cataloging and collection site. Still, the 36-year-old stake in the $11 billion company is enough to keep him on the list.

Source: Lisa Lake / Getty Images

22. Vivek Ramaswamy
> Net worth: $600 million
> Company: Roivant Sciences
> Birth year: 32 years old

Biotech’s wunderkind Vivek Ramaswamy is taking the pharmaceutical world by storm — at least financially if not yet with treatments proven in the lab. His company, Roivant Sciences, raised more than $1 billion in one round of funding in 2017.

Source: Scott Olson / Getty Images

21. Adam D’Angelo
> Net worth: $600 million
> Company: Quora
> Birth year: 33 years old

After serving on the board of Facebook, Adam D’Angelo struck out on his own and founded Quora. The crowdsourced information site has millions of monthly visitors and is valued at $900 million by investors.