30 Richest Millennial Entrepreneurs

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Source: Steve Jennings / Getty Images

10. Ben Silbermann
> Net worth: $1.57 billion
> Company: Pinterest
> Birth year: 35 years old

Ben Silbermann is the CEO of the popular photo-bookmarking site Pinterest, which is valued at more than $12 billion. Along with Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra, Silbermann co-founded the desktop version of the site in March 2010. At 35 years old, Silbermann is worth just over $1.5 billion.

Source: Larry Busacca / Getty Images

9. Evan Spiegel
> Net worth: $3.3 billion
> Company: Snap Inc.
> Birth year: 27 years old

Evan Spiegel co-founded Snap Inc, a multimedia, messaging social network, with Bobby Murphy in 2011 while at Stanford University. At 27 years old, Spiegel is not only one of the youngest billionaires in America, but also one of the youngest public company CEOs. Some 178 million people use Snapchat, the company’s main product, on a daily basis.

Source: Drew Angerer / Getty Images

8. Bobby Murphy
> Net worth: $3.3 billion
> Company: Snap Inc.
> Birth year: 29 years old

One of the wealthiest millennial entrepreneurs, Bobby Murphy is co-founder and chief technology officer of Snap Inc., known for its main product Snapchat. The company went public in March 2017. Since then, Snap shares have struggled, falling 40% to $14.68 in intraday trading Jan. 5.

Source: RishiShah / Twitter

7. Rishi Shah
> Net worth: $3.6 billion
> Company: Outcome Health
> Birth year: 31 years old

Rishi Shah is among one of the several successful millennials on this list to have dropped out of college and made a fortune. After withdrawing from Northwestern University in Illinois, Shah founded health-care media company Outcome Health in 2006. However, the company may be in trouble. This past October, The Wall Street Journal interviewed former employees and advertisers who claimed Outcome employees had misled pharmaceutical companies by charging them for ad placements on a greater number of video screens than the company had installed.

Source: Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

6. Joe Gebbia
> Net worth: $3.8 billion
> Company: Airbnb
> Birth year: 36 years old

Online marketplace and hospitality service Airbnb is heavily utilized by young millennials who are trying to save some cash rather than forking out hundreds of dollars on pricey hotel rooms. Joe Gebbia is one of three co-founders of the company, which allows customers to lease or rent short-term lodging in apartments, homes, cabins, and other housing situations worldwide. The company was recently valued at $31 billion.