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30 Companies Getting the Most From the Government

Source: SAIC - Science Applications International Corporation / Facebook

15. Science Applications International Corporation
> Contracts won in 2016: $3.26 billion
> Largest customers: Army, Navy, Defense Logistics
> Revenue: $4.45 billion
> Headquarters: Reston, VA

Science Applications International Corporation provides technical, engineering, and IT services primarily to the U.S. government. Over 95% of the company’s total revenues came from the government in fiscals 2017, 2016, and 2015. The company works with state governments in addition to the federal government. In 2017, the company signed a $165 million contract with the state of Virginia to aid the Virginia Information Technologies Agency with modernizing its technology infrastructure.

Source: Courtesy of Booz Allen Hamilton via Facebook

14. Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation
> Contracts won in 2016: $3.58 billion
> Largest customers: General Services Administration, Army, Navy
> Revenue: $5.80 billion
> Headquarters: McLean, VA

Booz Allen Hamilton is a consulting firm, and though it has clients in the private sector, the majority of its revenue comes from government contracts. Working with several U.S. intelligence agencies, including the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, and branches of the U.S. military, much of the company’s business is confidential. It is not likely a coincidence that 70% of company employees have security clearance. Generally, Booz Allen Hamilton provides intelligence and data analysis, engineering, and cybersecurity services to government clients.

Source: PeopleImages / Getty Images

13. Humana Inc.
> Contracts won in 2016: $3.65 billion
> Largest customers: Defense Health Agency, Veterans Affairs
> Revenue: $53.77 billion
> Headquarters: Louisville, KY

Health insurance company Humana offers a number of insurance products, including supplemental Medicare plans. Federal government contracts accounted for 79% of the company’s total premiums and services revenue in 2017. The company covers the East and South regions of Tricare, the health care program of the U.S. Department of Defense. Humana has been working with the DoD since 1996.

Source: aecom.com

> Contracts won in 2016: $3.82 billion
> Largest customers: Department of Energy, Air Force, Defense Threat Reduction
> Revenue: $18.20 billion
> Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

The largest design company in the world, AECOM provides a range of planning, consulting, construction, and management services to public and private clients. It has been responsible for such major projects as the masterplan for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, management services for Chicago’s Millennium Park, and construction on both the original Twin Towers in 1973 and One World Trade Center 30 years later, as well as 9/11 cleanup efforts. The federal government is AECOM’s largest customer, accounting for approximately 22% to 24% of the company’s revenue each year. Within the federal government, AECOM’s largest client is the Department of Energy, for which the company largely provides nuclear decontamination and decommissioning services.

Source: Huntington Ingalls Industries / Facebook

11. Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc.
> Contracts won in 2016: $4.53 billion
> Largest customers: Navy, Homeland Security
> Revenue: $7.44 billion
> Headquarters: Newport News, VA

One of the largest defense contractors in the world, Huntington Ingalls Industries revenue from the federal government totaled $4.5 billion in 2016. The only company in the world to build U.S. aircraft carriers and one of just two to build nuclear-powered submarines, Huntington Ingalls is critical to the strength of the U.S. Navy. The company’s most recent government deals include a $60 million contract to overhaul the USS Boise, a light cruiser vessel, and a $468 million contract to begin component development for the U.S. Navy’s Columbia-class submarine, a nuclear sub slated for use in 2021.