Oldest Historic Town in Every State

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Source: Valis55 / Wikimedia Commons

36. Oklahoma
> Oldest town: Fort Gibson
> Year of first settlement: 1824

Fort Gibson was established to maintain peaceful relations between the Cherokee and Osage Native American tribes. The settlement also served as a jump-off point for expeditions that explored the western frontier.

Source: Ron Reiring / Wikimedia Commons

37. Oregon
> Oldest town: Astoria
> Year of first settlement: 1811

The 1980s film classic “Goonies” was filmed in Astoria, which is also called “Little San Francisco.” Speaking of the movies, the Oregon Film Museum is located in the former county jail in Astoria.

Source: Smallbones / Wikimedia Commons

38. Pennsylvania
> Oldest town: Chester
> Year of first settlement: 1644

Chester was founded by Swedes, who called it “Upland.” The name was later changed to Chester by William Penn, after a town in England. Penn acquired the land as a safe haven for Quakers.

Source: Thinkstock

39. Rhode Island
> Oldest town: Providence
> Year of first settlement: 1636

Providence, the capital and largest city in Rhode Island, is the birthplace of song and dance man George M. Cohan, who wrote “Over There” and “You’re a Grand Old Flag.”

Source: Thinkstock

40. South Carolina
> Oldest town: Charleston
> Year of first settlement: 1670

Samuel Morse, who would go on to invent the telegraph, lived in Charleston for four years starting in 1818. He set up a studio to paint portraits, one of which can be viewed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.