Special Report

The Highest Point in Every State

Source: Rick Kimpel / Wikimedia Commons

6. Colorado
> Highest peak: Mt. Elbert
> Elevation: 14,433 ft.
> Coordinates: 39.1° N, 106.4° W

Even though Mount Elbert is the tallest peak in Colorado at 14,433 feet, it is one of the easier “14ers” to climb. Many hikers call it the “gentle giant” of the Rocky Mountains.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

7. Connecticut
> Highest peak: Mt. Frissell
> Elevation: 2,380 ft.
> Coordinates: 42.0° N, 73.5° W

Though part of Mount Frissell is the highest point in Connecticut, the peak is actually in Massachusetts. This makes Connecticut the only state whose highest point isn’t a true peak.

Source: Photo by and (c)2006 Derek Ramsey (Ram-Man) / Wikimedia Commons

8. Delaware
> Highest peak: Ebright Road
> Elevation: 448 ft.
> Coordinates: 39.8° N, 75.5° W

Delaware has no mountains or peaks so its highest point, the Ebright Azimuth, is marked by a sign on a road in Centerville near the Pennsylvania border.

Source: Ebyabe / Wikimedia Commons

9. Florida
> Highest peak: Britton Hill
> Elevation: 345 ft.
> Coordinates: 31.0° N, 86.3° W

At just 345 feet, Britton Hill is the lowest high point of any state. Florida’s tourism website says the surrounding park is a great place for a family picnic and “your grandmother can get to the top without breaking a sweat.”

Source: Thomson200 / Wikimedia Commons

10. Georgia
> Highest peak: Brasstown Bald
> Elevation: 4,784 ft.
> Coordinates: 34.9° N, 83.8° W

If you climb Brasstown Bald, located in the northeastern corner of Georgia, you can reportedly see North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee on a clear day.