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43 Most Outrageous Product Claims of All Time

John Harrington, Grant Suneson

Source: Mario Tama / Getty Images

43. Gerber Good Start Gentle formula

Gerber made unsubstantiated claims that its Good Start Gentle formula prevented children who took it from developing allergies.

Source: Sensa Clinical

42. Sensa weight-loss product

The FTC ruled that Sensa’s fat-burning products — which claimed to enhance the smell and taste of food and thus making users feel full and eat less — misled consumers and made unfounded weight-loss claims.

Source: Spencer Platt / Getty Images

41. 5-Hour Energy

5-hour Energy alleged that its energy drink shots were better than coffee and that doctors recommended it. Those claims were misleading and the makers of 5-Hour Energy were ordered to pay $4.3 million in penalties and fees.

Source: Lumosity

40. Lumosity app

Lumos Labs said its app would help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, though it had no proof. The company was fined $2 million by the FTC.

Source: Scott Olson / Getty Images

39. Vitaminwater

Coca-Cola falsely claimed its Vitaminwater brand could promote healthy joints, reduce the risk of eye disease, and to have other health benefits.