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America's Most Popular Dog Breeds

Source: cynoclub / Getty Images

90. Standard Schnauzers
> 2016 rank: 85
> 2007 rank: 102

Schnauzers come in three sizes: miniature, standard and giant. The standard is a medium-size dog weighing 35 to 45 pounds. All schnauzers have wiry coats, arched eyebrows and walrus-like whiskers.

Source: chris-mueller / Getty Images

89. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers
> 2016 rank: 87
> 2007 rank: 110

The Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever is the smallest AKC retriever at 18 to 21 inches for males, and 17 to 20 inches for females. It was first bred in the 19th century in the Little River District of Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia. Tolling refers to its distinctive method of luring waterfowl within range of hunters. Another distinctive feature is its crimson coat.

Source: DevidDO / Thinkstock

88. Pekingese
> 2016 rank: 93
> 2007 rank: 50

The Pekingese was bred to be the lapdog for Chinese royalty and to be small enough to fit inside the huge sleeves of ancient Chinese garments. Even so, it was used as a guard dog. The Pekingese is a survivor — one of the two dogs to escape from the Titanic was a Pekingese named Sun Yat-sen.

Source: bruev / Getty Images

87. Keeshonden
> 2016 rank: 92
> 2007 rank: 99

The Keeshond is a medium-sized dog with a fox-like face and markings and shadings around the eyes that resemble spectacles. It is cute, friendly, and excels as a therapy dog. The Keeshonden kept Dutch sailors company as they prowled the waters around the Low Countries.

Source: erdinhasdemir / iStock

86. Anatolian Shepherd Dogs
> 2016 rank: 84
> 2007 rank: N/A

As their name suggests, Anatolian shepherds originated in the Asian part of Turkey, where they were used to guard livestock. They were brought to the United States after World War II to work on ranches. Anatolian shepherds prefer to intimidate predators rather than to attack them, so they were the right dog for the job after the passage of the Endangered Species Act, which protected wolves.

Source: Liete / iStock

85. Bouviers des Flandres
> 2016 rank: 83
> 2007 rank: 84

Bouvier des Flandres translates as “cowherd of Flanders,” but it’s a versatile breed and has been employed as a watchdog and to pull carts. The dog is large and powerful, and has a weatherproof coat and a beard and moustache.

Source: Madjuszka / Getty Images

84. Basenjis
> 2016 rank: 88
> 2007 rank: 89

The Basenji originated in Africa and is one of the oldest dog breeds. That said, it has some un-doglike characteristics — it doesn’t bark and grooms itself like a cat. The Basenji is good with children, but can also be aloof.

Source: Aleksandr Zotov / Getty Images

83. American Staffordshire Terriers
> 2016 rank: 81
> 2007 rank: N/A

The American Staffordshire terrier, also known as the AmStaff, is considered a bull type and is bigger than its British cousin, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. It is naturally playful and has a stubborn streak that can make it difficult to train.

Source: CBCK-Christine / Getty Images

82. Staffordshire Bull Terriers
> 2016 rank: 82
> 2007 rank: N/A

Bull terriers were originally bred in England for the cruel sport of bull-baiting and this breed was particularly popular in the county of Staffordshire, hence the name. They were brought to America in the mid-19th century, where the AmStaff was bred.

Source: Bigandt_Photography / iStock

81. Coton de Tulear
> 2016 rank: 80
> 2007 rank: N/A

The coton de Tulear is also known as the “Royal Dog of Madagascar.” Coton is the French word for cotton, which the breed’s white coat resembles, and Tulear is a town in Madagascar. Coton de Tulear is a companion dog, an AKC designation that certifies a dog is able to perform obedience tasks. It is small but sturdy, with an expressive face and a hypoallergenic coat.

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