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Crazy Legends and Superstitions People Believe in Every State

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This superstition connects matrimony and food: Boil an egg, fill the space of the yolk with salt, go to bed, and whomever you dream about will be your future marriage partner.

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Superstitions are part of sports lore, and horse racing is no exception. At the Kentucky Derby, it’s bad luck for a horse owner to say to his trainer, “see you in the winner’s circle.” You never want to predict your victory.

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Louisiana percolates with superstitions and legends, some of which have to do with money. To keep money flowing your way, never eat both ends of a loaf of bread — throw at least one away.

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Dropping bread and butter with the butter side downs brings bad luck. And it’s no longer sanitary to eat.

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In Maryland, don’t walk backward downstairs because you will curse your parents. But if you walk downstairs backward, carry a mirror, and count each step. By the 13th step — if you haven’t fallen — you will see the reflection of your future husband.