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Crazy Legends and Superstitions People Believe in Every State

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If you’re in the red financially, that’s usually not a good thing. But in Massachusetts, a door painted bright red keeps evil forces and financial trouble at bay.

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Here is another new superstition. People have won jackpots buying a Mega Millions’ ticket on Friday the 13th in Michigan. A spokesman for the Michigan Lottery said three players have won a total of more than $155 million playing Mega Millions on Friday the 13th.

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Urban dwellers and subway riders detest rats, but not miners. They don’t kill rats because the critters are believed to be sensitive to vibrations, which may indicate a tunnel collapse. If the rats start heading for the surface, miners are advised to do so as well.

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If you let an empty rocking chair keep rocking, you invite evil spirits. Another superstition about empty rocking chairs says you’ll get sick within a year if you get up from a rocking chair and let it keep moving.

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The Ozarks have provided American culture with a cornucopia of superstitions, such as a thief always looks into their cup before they drinks.