Special Report

Most Important Event the Year You Were Born

Over the past 100 years we’ve witnessed some of the most profound changes in human history.

Between wars, technological developments, progress in civil rights, and breakthroughs in science and medicine, the old order that held back hundreds of millions of people has been swept away.

Centuries-old empires crumbled as new ideologies — from communism to fascism — for better or worse found roots in many places of the world. Progressive human rights ideas also emerged and changed the world as women, blacks, and the LGBT community demanded, and often won, equal rights. Technology evolved, modifying and innovating our lives in ways never dreamed of.

The world certainly has progressed, but wars have raged on, and climate change has picked up speed, endangering the ecosystems of our planet.

To put this in perspective, 24/7 Wall St. has compiled a list of the most important event the year you were born. We drew on research material and news reports to determine what event had the biggest impact in a particular year.

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