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47 Hottest Phones of All Time

Source: Wikimedia Commons

41. Pre
> Manufacturer: Palm
> Release year: 2009

With a slideout keyboard, the Palm Pre was an ideal choice for those looking for smartphone capabilities but who disliked the touchscreen keyboards of iPhones and some Android models.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

42. Droid
> Manufacturer: Motorola
> Release year: 2009

The Motorola Droid was released in 2009 and marketed as an alternative to the iPhone. The Droid was the first phone to offer turn-by-turn navigation powered by Google Maps.

Source: mama_mia / Shutterstock.com

43. iPhone 4
> Manufacturer: Apple
> Release year: 2010

When the iPhone 4 hit the market in 2010, it featured more than 100 improvements over its predecessor, including a better camera and higher screen resolution.

Source: hetstyle / Flickr

44. Galaxy S3
> Manufacturer: Samsung
> Release year: 2012

The Galaxy S3 was Samsung’s flagship smartphone in 2012. The phone helped propel the Korean company ahead of Apple in the global smartphone market.

Source: Zeynep Demir / Shutterstock.com

45. iPhone 6
> Manufacturer: Apple
> Release year: 2014

The iPhone 6 is the latest addition to Apple’s nine-year old iPhone family. It is also the best-selling version of the popular smartphone to date, selling more than 71.5 million units in its first three months alone.