47 Hottest Phones of All Time

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Source: David Mueller / Wikimedia Commons

31. T-Mobile Sidekick
> Manufacturer: Danger Incorporated
> Release year: 2002

With AIM messaging, a QWERTY keyboard, and stylish design, the T-Mobile Sidekick — originally known as the Danger Hiptop — appealed to younger consumers.

Source: Haxorjoe / Wikimedia Commons

32. 1100
> Manufacturer: Nokia
> Release year: 2003

The Nokia 1100, one of the Finnish maker’s many no-frills phones to be successful abroad, sold an estimated 250 million units worldwide, more than any other mobile phone in history.

Source: Slowacki / Wikimedia Commons

33. 6600
> Manufacturer: Nokia
> Release year: 2003

The Nokia 6600 smartphone was the company’s most advanced model at the time, featuring a camera with video capability, Bluetooth, and a memory card reader.

Source: Courtesy of BlackBerry

34. BlackBerry 6210
> Manufacturer: Research In Motion
> Release year: 2003

The combination of instant email access and a full QWERTY keyboard in a phone helped the BlackBerry 6210 dominate the business world and influence the smartphones that followed.

Source: Jon Sullivan / Wikimedia Commons

35. Treo 600
> Manufacturer: Handspring/Palm
> Release year: 2003

The Palm Treo 600 had a camera, MP3 capability, Internet access, a unique OS that enabled more than 13,000 applications. The OS influenced many of the smartphones that followed.