Most Fashionable Cities in America

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“Clothes make the man,” Mark Twain once wrote — and this was deep insight. Clothes are the expression of who we are, be it a tailored suit in business or a carefree attire on vacation.

The fashion industry is indeed much more than glitzy fashion shows; apart from helping to shape some societal norms, it is also a significant economic engine nationwide, turning over more than $100 billion in revenue a year.

When one thinks of fashion capitals, Paris, Milan, and London come to mind, but likely also Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles and Fifth Avenue in New York. Other U.S. cities don’t necessarily stir up the image of fashion destinations. Yet some are certainly more fashion-conscious than others.

24/7 Wall St. set out to discover the most fashionable U.S. cities. Instead of subjectively observing fashion trends among city residents, we created an index of five measures: the number of retailers that sell apparel such as Macy’s and Target, the number of luxury brand stores such as Gucci and Prada, fashion company headquarters, trade shows, and the number of fashion designers working in each city.

Though the list consists of cities from all around the nation, fashionable cities are also much more concentrated in a handful of states. Twelve cities are located in California, another eight in Florida, and an additional five in Texas. There are several cities that are the only representation of their respective state such as Columbus, Ohio; Omaha, Nebraska; and Indianapolis, Indiana.

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