Special Report

30 Real-Life American Heroes You Should Know

Among the heroes you should know about this month are a police officer, a fearless man who intervened in a knife attack, and a celebrity chef.

Deputy Taylor Grant, relatively new on the job in Florida, scaled a wall to reach a man pinned between a seawall and a floating walkway. He was able to pull the exhausted man out of the water.

Blaine Hodge flouted fear and took on a knife-wielding attacker who had chased a woman into a Starbucks cafe in Bakersfield, California. Hodge sustained stab wounds and was hospitalized, but he possibly prevented a tragedy.

Celebrity chef José Andrés owns two dozen restaurants in the United States. But when disaster impacts a community, such as Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas. Andrés and his team step up to provide meals for those displaced by disaster.

These three people are just the latest examples of everyday heroism that are part of the fabric of the American community.

To compile 24/7 Wall St.’s list, we used information from media outlets such as CNN, theweek.com, as well as websites that focus on reporting inspiring news like positivenews.com, and thegoodnewsnetwork.org.

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