Special Report

The Most Educated City in Every State

The average American adult with a bachelor’s degree earns nearly $22,000 more per year than the average adult with just a high school education. In addition to a higher earning potential, a college education has many intangible benefits, including critical thinking skills, exposure to new ideas, and a formative social experience.

Just as a college education impacts the life of an individual, it can also have broad social and economic implications. Cities with highly educated populations tend to have much in common, including high concentrations of wealth and healthy job markets.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed the share of adults with a bachelor’s degree at the metropolitan area level to identify the most educated city in each state. Bachelor’s degree attainment rates range widely between the cities on this list, from 23.3% to 63.2%. For reference, 32.0% of adults nationwide have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

All of the cities on this list are home to multiple higher education institutions, many of which are major research universities.

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