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What Your State Will Pay You to Recycle

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According to a report by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality for 2016, the latest year for which data is available, the state recycled 17.1% of the waste at its landfills, a rate that has been decreasing every year since 2014.

This may be due to the fact that the volume of garbage at landfills has increased. Montanans generate on average an estimated 8.8 pounds of solid waste per person per day, recycling just 1.9 pounds of that amount.

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Nebraska offers grants to both public and private entities to help waste management projects, including recycling systems and market development of recyclable materials. A municipality or a country can apply for a partial landfill refund through another program if they have a policy requiring a preference for buying products made from recycled materials.

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Nevada is working to promote recycling through various methods, including art contests. Different grants totaling $50,000 are made available every year by private and government organizations with the purpose of expanding recycling and waste reduction efforts.

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New Hampshire

Certain cities, including Manchester, have a single stream curbside program: All recyclable items can be put together in one cart. There are two state non-profit recycling organizations that work to resolve recycling challenges, create cooperative marketing programs, and create environmental awareness.

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New Jersey

Recycling is mandatory in New Jersey. The specific items that must be recycled are determined by each county. At a minimum, people and small businesses with fewer than 50 full-time employees can recycle electronics for free at collection sites. Many other states charge fees ranging from $10 to $60 for this service. Aluminum cans, glass containers, corrugated cardboard, newsprint, and office paper are mandated to be recycled by all counties.