Special Report

Famous People in Business We Lost This Year

On June 5, a housekeeper discovered the lifeless body of fashion designer and entrepreneur Kate Spade. Nearby, there was a letter written by Spade, addressed to her daughter.

Police would later rule the death a suicide by hanging, and family members would describe a woman who, despite her immense wealth and success, suffered from years of depression and anxiety.

Spade is one of 25 renowned people from the world of business the world lost in 2018. Others include the founder of the world’s largest gold mining company, the creator of life-saving vaccines, a milliner whose work was coveted by members of royalty, and an outspoken proponent of company shareholder rights.

As expected, most of the individuals listed here lived long and prosperous lives – and most are men, including the oldest, beer magnate William Coors, who died at 102.

24/7 Wall St. pored through more than 130 obituaries from 2018 reported in local, national, and international media sources to identify high-profile individuals from the world of business who have died so far this year. We focused specifically on people who succeeded in their careers as business leaders, entrepreneurs, and/or founders of well-known companies.

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