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100 American Towns Founded Before the American Revolution

Source: Doug Kerr / Flickr

41. Greenwich, Connecticut
> Founded: 1665
> Population: 13,429

Settlers from Massachusetts were the first to purchase the patch of land that is now Greenwich, right between the Asamuck and Patomuck rivers.

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42. Lyme, Connecticut
> Founded: 1667
> Population: 2,406

Lyme was named after Lyme Regis in England. The town separated from Saybrook in 1665 and was named Lyme in 1667.

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43. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
> Founded: 1668
> Population: 13,941

Sault Ste. Marie was founded by French settlers and is the oldest city in Michigan.

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44. Charleston, South Carolina
> Founded: 1670
> Population: 129,888

King Charles II of England gave the Carolina territory to eight friends who helped restore the monarchy.

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45. Edgartown, Massachusetts
> Founded: 1671
> Population: 649

Settled by English immigrants Thomas Mayhew Sr. and his son Thomas Jr.

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46. Nantucket, Massachusetts
> Founded: 1671
> Population: 7,830

Nantucket was populated by the Wampanoag Native American tribe until the land was deeded to Thomas Mayhew Sr. and his son Thomas Jr.

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47. Derby, Connecticut
> Founded: 1675
> Population: 12,755

English fur traders were among the first Europeans in the area. Native American tribes such as the Paugassetts and the Pootatucks had inhabited the area long before the English.

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48. Peoria, Illinois
> Founded: 1680
> Population: 115,990

French explorers including Robert Cavalier Sieur de LaSalle founded Peoria, Illinois. Peoria is the name of the predominant Native American tribes in the Illinois confederacy.

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49. Ysleta, Texas
> Founded: 1680
> Population: 9,232

Ysleta, now a section of El Paso, was founded by Franciscan missionaries and Spanish settlers.

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50. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
> Founded: 1682
> Population: 1,559,938

William Penn and the Quakers founded Philadelphia as a place of religious tolerance.