100 American Towns Founded Before the American Revolution

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61. Groton, Connecticut
> Founded: 1705
> Population: 9,240

Groton was first settled by the English as part of New London. It became its own incorporated town in 1705.

Source: Tradewinds / Wikimedia Commons

62. Bath, North Carolina
> Founded: 1705
> Population: 249

Spanish colonists were given permission by King Philip V of Spain to establish a city.

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63. Brookline, Massachusetts
> Founded: 1705
> Population: 59,180

Brookline, the birthplace of John F. Kennedy, was founded by English settlers. It separated from Boston in 1705.

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64. Albuquerque, New Mexico
> Founded: 1706
> Population: 556,859

Spanish colonists were given permission by King Philip of Spain to establish a city.

Source: Geraldshields11 / Wikimedia Commons

65. Chestertown, Maryland
> Founded: 1706
> Population: 5,122

A British act promoting trade helped create Chestertown in the early 18th century.

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66. Beaufort, North Carolina
> Founded: 1709
> Population: 4,039

Beaufort, founded by the English, was once the stomping ground of the pirate Blackbeard.

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67. New Bern, North Carolina
> Founded: 1710
> Population: 30,075

New Bern, the birthplace of the soft drink Pepsi Cola, was founded by Baron Christopher de Graffenried of Switzerland.

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68. Pembroke, Massachusetts
> Founded: 1711
> Population: 18,166

English settlers founded Pembroke, which claims to be the first colonial town to publicly rebel against the British Empire.

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69. Lexington, Massachusetts
> Founded: 1713
> Population: 32,936

Lexington, where the Revolution began, was carved out of the agricultural region called Cambridge by colonists.

Source: Doug Kerr / Flickr

70. Oxford, Massachusetts
> Founded: 1713
> Population: 5,927

Oxford was initially settled by the French Protestant Huguenots. It is also the birthplace of Clara Barton, the founder of the American Red Cross.