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The Most Popular Slow Cooker Recipes on Pinterest

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Pinterest, today the third most popular social media platform in the world (after Facebook and Instagram) — making its co-founder one of the richest millennial entrepreneurs ever — launched in 2010, originally accepting members by invitation or request only before opening to the general public two years later. The idea was that users could share favorite images (including GIFS and videos) by “pinning” — posting — them to personal boards on the site.

By 2016, Pinterest had grown internationally to the point where more than half of its users were from outside the U.S. The site’s managers feared that the concept of “pinning” wouldn’t be understood worldwide, so they changed the “Pin it” button to “Save.” (The button’s original pushpin icon remains.) The term applies both to images posted by users and to what used to be called “repins” — images already on Pinterest that are added by other users to their own boards.

There are some 36 main categories and countless sub-categories of subject matter on Pinterest, covering everything from Animals and Pets to Fashion. The most popular grouping of categories is “Art, Art Supplies, Hobbies,” (this includes DIY projects, which are big on the site). Very closely behind that comes “Flowers, Food, Drink, Gifts.” This grouping encompasses DIY ideas too. Pinterest boards, astonishingly, also contain more than 1.7 billion saved recipes.

Click here for the most popular slow cooker recipes on Pinterest.

Though Pinterest recipe boards are full of seafood and vegetable dishes, vegan and vegetarian specialties, and desserts, statistics suggest that users favor protein: Of the 10 most often saved recipes on this list of slow cooker recipes, five involve beef or pork, four are based on chicken, and one combines sausage, chicken, and shrimp.

Some of these recipes specify use of a Crock-Pot, which styles itself “The Original Slow Cooker,” but Crock-Pott is a trade name, and other brands of slow cookers fulfill the same functions.

Pinterest supplied data to 24/7 Tempo identifying the 10 slow cooker recipes most often saved to boards on the site, both as original posts and reposts, through late 2018.


10. Slow Cooker Baked Spaghetti
> Saves: 32,000

Though it’s possible to cook certain kinds of pasta from scratch in a slow cooker, this recipe calls for adding previously boiled spaghetti (and cheese) to a long-cooked sauce and letting it simmer for another 20 minutes. The original post of this recipe, on a site called The Magical Slow Cooker, was sponsored by Ragu sauce, which is one of the reciper’s principal ingredients.



9. Ground Beef and Cheese Pasta
> Saves: 42,000

As with the popular slow cooker baked spaghetti recipe, this one calls for jarred sauce (brand not specified). In this case, though, raw pasta is added to the slow cooker with the other ingredients and cooks for about an hour in the sauce.


8. Balsamic Glazed Roast Beef
> Saves: 47,000

Toronto-based software engineer and food blogger Kevin Lynch calls his site Closet Cooking, a reference to his tiny kitchen. This recipe for falling-apart beef is best made with a tough but flavorful cut like chuck, round, or brisket. His post was sponsored by Ontario Corn Fed Beef, and not surprisingly, he recommends using that product.


7. Crockpot Chicken Gnocchi Soup
> Saves: 58,000

Minnesota blogger Lindsay Ostrom describes the formula for this creamy soup, on her Pinch of Yum site, as “a re-make of an old recipe that was inspired by a friend.” She recommends using premade gnocchi manufactured by DeLallo, which sponsored her post.



6. Slow Cooker Jambalaya
> Saves: 66,000

Blogging from South Carolina, Christin Mahrlig signals her culinary preferences by calling her site Spicy Southern Kitchen. She went to school in New Orleans, at Tulane University, and calls this classic dish one of her favorite foods from the city. Because it includes tomatoes as well as the so-called “holy trinity” of onion, celery, and bell pepper, it would be considered a Creole version of the dish. The typical Cajun interpretation would have more meat and no tomatoes.


5. Slow Cooker Lo Mein
> Saves: 79,000

Korean-American food blogger Chungah Rhee credits her presence on Pinterest with having turned her site, Damn Delicious, from a casual hobby into what Delish has described as “a cooking empire,” employing a team of videographer, food stylists, operations manager, and brand manager. She worked up this vegetable-heavy recipe one spring night several years ago, she writes, when she was craving take-out food but realized that bikini season was approaching, so she thought something lower in calories would be preferable.



4. Parmesan Herb Chicken & Orzo
> Saves: 85,000

Utah-based blogger Tiffany Edwards of Creme de la Crumb notes that cooks who find the orzo pasta too mushy when it’s added to the slow cooker can cook it separately in chicken broth and serve it on the side.


3. Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken
> Saves: 160,000

Ali Martin’s Gimme Some Oven blog gave away two Crock-Pots, supplied by the manufacturer, when it published this recipe in 2014. It calls for thickening the teriyaki sauce from the slow cooker with cornstarch before adding it to the cooked, shredded chicken breasts.


2. Melt-in-Your-Mouth Pot Roast
> Saves: 167,000

This recipe appeared on the website of the popular food magazine Taste of Home. Ironically, it was originally published in 2007 under the name Rosemary Beef Potatoes in Taste of Home’s Simple & Delicious publication devoted to “fast cooking.”



1. Chicken and Mushroom Stroganoff
> Saves: 292,000

Classic stroganoff, apparently named for a Russian count in the late 19th century, is made with beef and mushrooms. It became a popular dish in the U.S. after World War II. This slow cooker update, from Alyssa Rivers’ blog The Recipe Critic, which substitutes chicken for beef, obviously appeals to many people, too: It outpaces its closest competitor in number of saves by 125,000 to become the single most saved slow cooker recipe on Pinterest to date.

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