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30 of the Most Popular Barbie Dolls of All Time

Source: Autograph Warehouse / Amazon

Talking Barbie
> Released in: 1968

The first talking Barbie had a string at the back of her neck that had to be pulled. She had rooted eyelashes, Barbie’s iconic ponytail but twisted and turned to the side, and new hands — the fingers were divided. This was the first model with separated fingers.

Source: Barbie / Amazon

Malibu Barbie
> Released in: 1971

The Malibu doll permanently sealed Barbie’s reputation as the quintessential California girl who loves the sun and the beach. She appears in an aqua blue bathing suit, carrying a yellow towel and sunglasses. The original commercial about her at the time describes her as a girl having a cool, fun-loving West Coast attitude. The Malibu Barbie was the most popular of the 1970s, according to Mattel.

Source: RomitaGirl67 / Flickr

Quick Curl Barbie
> Released in: 1973

The Quick Curl Barbie had a new feature — her hair could be quickly curled. The doll has miniscule wires running through its hair, allowing it to be curled easily. And the hair could go in any direction. Imagine the hairdos some children must have come up with.

Source: Courtesy of Mattel, Inc.

Barbie Surgeon
> Released in: 1973

This was not Barbie’s first career. She was a nurse, an business executive, and an astronaut before becoming a surgeon. Her scrubs are rather chic, too. And she was a doctor way before “ER” and other medical TV dramas made it fashionable.

Source: karmatradingcompany / eBay

Barbie Townhouse
> Released in: 1974

Barbie’s signature Townhouse was an update of the doll’s Dreamhouse from the 1960s. The Townhouse’s furniture and features were actually printed on the wall. The house has three floors, six rooms, and even an elevator. More modern versions have actual furniture like a bed, table, chairs, and even a bathtub.