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30 of the Most Popular Barbie Dolls of All Time

Source: tiffany_mom / eBay

Disco Fever Barbie
> Released in: 1970’s

The ’70s Disco Barbie looks like the female version of John Travolta, but with blonde hair. She is wearing the same white suit he did in the 1977 smash hit “Saturday Night Fever.” This dancing Barbie was the most popular of the 1980s, according to Mattel.

Source: Freddycat1 / Flickr

Gold Medal Barbie
> Released in: 1975

The Gold Medal Barbie doll was inspired by another iconic Barbie, the Malibu doll. This doll, however, is wearing a red, white, and blue swimsuit — quite patriotic! — and has a gold medal in swimming. Other versions of Barbie released in 1975, just in time for the Winter Olympics the following year, have gold medals in skiing and ice skating.

Source: Barbie / Amazon

Superstar Barbie
> Released in: 1977

Barbie Superstar is all about pink. She wears a pink satin evening dress with a lacy hot pink and silvery stole, and pink high heels. When it was released, the doll came with a gift for the child — a star necklace.

Source: Courtesy of Mattel, Inc.

African-American Barbie
> Released in: 1980

There were other African-American dolls in the doll’s family, but this was the first black Barbie. She was part of the “My Favorite Barbie Doll” collection. The doll has a short Afro hairdo. A 2009 reproduction of the Barbie later featured a pantsuit ensemble.

Source: Courtesy of Mattel, Inc.

Day-to-Night Barbie
> Released in: 1985

This Barbie can do it all. She is hard-working during the day and having a lot of fun at night. All she needs to do is change her outfit and that’s easy. Her pink business suit quickly turns into a pink evening skirt. The Day-to-Night Barbie honors career women and celebrates women’s workplace revolution.