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30 of the Most Popular Barbie Dolls of All Time

Source: Courtesy of Amazon

Extreme 360° Barbie
> Released in: 2000

Barbie is inspiring girls to do it all. She comes in a sweat suit, wearing skates, and has her own skateboard — a sport and a hobby that has mostly been associated with boys. But she can do some great tricks, too!

Source: Mattel / Getty Images

Sign Language Barbie
> Released in: 2001

This Barbie is a sign language teacher who wants to inspire children to learn new languages. Unlike other dolls, this version has Barbie’s fingers molded into the sign that means “I love you.” The package also includes other common words and their signs in American Sign Language.

Source: Barbie / Amazon

Jam n’ Glam Barbie
> Released in: 2001

The Jam ‘n Glam Barbie is a rock superstar. Her hair twists and changes from blonde to purple. You can even add extensions in different colors to complete her funky look. She wears silver pants and a purple and pink top and comes with a headset, CDs and a CD player, and hair brush.

Source: Barbie / Amazon

Aviator Barbie
> Released in: 2002

This special edition Barbie comes in a flight suit and jacket. There is a mini map and a poster in the package. Her body can be bent and moved in all directions to simulate real life actions. Today’s Pilot Barbie is part of the Inspiring Women Series, which honors brave women who changed the way the world sees women. The latest pilot doll is inspired by Amelia Earhart, first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Earhart disappeared during her attempt to become the first woman to fly around the world.

Source: Courtesy of Mattel, Inc.

Zoologist Barbie
> Released in: 2006

Barbie loves animals and loves taking care of them. Throughout her life, she has had several careers focusing on animals, and in 2006, she added one more to her resume – a zoologist. Zoologist Barbie helps protect wildlife.