Special Report

The Middle of Nowhere in Every State

Source: tristanbnz / iStock

46. Virginia
> Middle of nowhere: Red Creek terminus
> Distance from nearest city: 2 hours, 58 minutes
> GPS coordinates: 36°55’45″N, 81°53’15″W

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Source: Stan Shebs / Wikimedia Commons

47. Washington
> Middle of nowhere: Liberty Cap, Mt Rainier National Park
> Distance from nearest city: 15 hours, 52 minutes
> GPS coordinates: 46°52’15″N, 121°46’15″W

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Source: Mingo County Commission

48. West Virginia
> Middle of nowhere: ½ mile south of of East Fork and Mc Cloud
> Distance from nearest city: 3 hours, 10 minutes
> GPS coordinates: 37°56’15″N, 82°12’15″W

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Source: National Park Service

49. Wisconsin
> Middle of nowhere: Outer Island, Lake Superior
> Distance from nearest city: 7 hours, 36 minutes
> GPS coordinates: 47°03’15″N, 90°25’15″W

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Source: U.S. Forest Service

50. Wyoming
> Middle of nowhere: Hardluck Mountain, Shoshone National Forest
> Distance from nearest city: 14 hours, 44 minutes
> GPS coordinates: 43°59’45″N, 109°40’15″W

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