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57 Fascinating Facts About the Titanic

Source: CookiesForDevo / iStock

1. The Titanic lies 12,600 feet underwater

The ruins of the Titanic lie nearly 2.5 miles beneath the surface of the ocean, approximately 370 miles off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The ship broke in two, and the gap between the bow and the stern is about 2,000 feet in the sea bed.

Source: Stephan Rehorek / Wikimedia Commons

2. The iceberg that hit the ship may have jutted out 100 feet above water

The iceberg that collided with the Titanic is speculated to have been anywhere from 50 to 100 feet above water. The entire iceberg is believed to have been between 200 and 400 feet long.

Source: Keystone Press / Wikimedia Commons

3. Over half the people on board could have survived if…

….all of the space available on the lifeboats was used.

Source: Hershey Community Archives / Wikimedia Commons

4. Milton Hershey was supposed to be on the Titanic

Milton Hershey, the man who invented the famed Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar, wrote a $300 check to reserve his stateroom on the RMS Titanic. Thankfully, business took precedence, and Hershey and his wife missed out on the excursion.

Source: F.G.O. Stuart / Wikimedia Commons

5. Only three of Titanic’s four funnels worked

The robust ship’s four funnels were partially for show — only three of the funnels ejected soot. The other was merely used for ventilation purposes, and undeniably added a certain majestic aesthetic to the ship.