Special Report

Good Friday Traditions From Around the World

Elzy Kolb

Commemorating the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ, Good Friday is perhaps the most solemn day of the year in the Christian calendar. Typical religious observances include fasting, prayer, and meditation. Sometimes people dress in black and maintain silence during the hours of Christ’s suffering.

Good Friday is an official holiday in many countries and in about a dozen states. Easter Monday, too, is often a designated holiday, which means that not only is Good Friday a major day for religious traditions and observances, it’s also the start of a four-day weekend in some locales.

A long spring weekend is a perfect opportunity for a mini-vacation. Whether you decide to spend time with family and friends for religious celebrations or head for the beach for some rest and relaxation — these are the fastest-growing vacation spots around the world — you’re sure to discover that other folks had the same idea so allow extra time and be patient.

To compile a list of Good Friday traditions around the world, 24/7 Tempo consulted dozens of online local guides about Easter traditions and the history behind them. The following list is a selection of several sacred and secular seasonal celebrations from around the globe.

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