Special Report

Most Famous Dogs of All Time

Creating a manageable list of famous dogs is no easy task. Even before dogs became internet famous, there was a lengthy roster of canines who leaped into our imagination, making us laugh and cry — just like some of the best family-friendly dogs — inspiring us and guiding us with their exploits, real and fictional.

Complicating the matter even more is that for many of us, our notions of famous dogs are probably at least partially informed by how we see and feel about our unsung daily companions — the Skippys, the Taffys, the Stormys, the Gingers, and the Fritzys with whom we share our lives. We wish they’d sat with us forever, but at least some dogs stay puppies for a very long time.

The dogs who capture the eyes of the world and stick in our imaginations and in our collective memory are likely to share some of the attributes we love most about our pets. These are the figures we imagine our own dogs would be if the opportunity arose. They’d undoubtedly show the same valor, empathy, charm, and yes, money-making ability, as their more renowned kin presented here.

To determine the most famous dogs of all time, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed dogs of fame throughout history, including both real and fictional animals. These dogs are featured in movies, songs, stories, news articles, television, advertising, and more.

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