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43 Most Outrageous Product Claims of All Time

Source: Mike Mozart / Flickr

33. Kind Bars

The nutritional contents of the different Kind Bars did not meet the requirements that would allow the company to include the word “healthy” on the packaging.

Source: A P Monblat / Wikimedia Commons

32. L’Oreal skincare cosmetics

L’oreal claimed its Lancôme Génifique and Youth Code cosmetics prevented skin aging by boosting genetic activity in the user. The company was unable to support those claims when pressed.

Source: Sean Gallup / Getty Images

31. Sony Vita game console

Sony claimed that its PlayStation Vita handheld gaming console was “game changing,” promising features such as cross platform and remote play. Yet many of these features were only available on certain games.

Source: LeventKonuk / iStock

30. New Balance toning shoes

The athletic shoe maker said its toning shoe could help wearers burn calories, though the shoes were never proven to be any better at helping to burn calories than other types of shoes.

Source: Steven Depolo / Flickr

29. Sale Slash diet pills

Sale Slash used fake endorsements from celebrities like Oprah Winfrey to make unfounded weight-loss claims about its diet pills.