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43 Most Outrageous Product Claims of All Time

Source: LightFieldStudios / iStock

18. Capital Home Advocacy Center mortgage assistance

Capital Home Advocacy Center, which offered mortgage relief to homeowners, claimed it was accredited by the Better Business Bureau, even though it had actually received an F rating.

Source: American Plastic Lumber, Inc

17. American Plastic Lumber Company building materials

American Plastic Lumber Company overstated the amount of recycled materials in its products.

Source: TriVita

16. Nopalea fruit drink

TriVita claimed that its Nopalea drink would reduce pain and inflammation, improve breathing, and provide a number of additional health benefits — none of which are scientifically proven. The company settled with the FTC for $3.5 million.

Source: Smart Balance

15. Smart Balance margarine substitute

Blended Butter Sticks from Smart Balance claimed to block cholesterol, but they have too much saturated fat for that to be true. Smart Balance has removed the claim.

Source: Tomsmith585 / iStock

14. ADT home security

ADT falsely identified the safety and technology experts who endorsed its home-security product as independent. Those experts had actually been paid for their endorsements.