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20 Airlines That Have Gone Out of Business in the Past Year


Neither the size of an airline or its longevity is a guarantee, nor is its continued operation. An examination of industry failures over the last year makes this clear, though demise of relative startups was far more common than those of established companies.

Some good ideas — such as providing regular flights to underserved populations, offering custom business service, and reducing amenities to create ultra-low ticket prices — did not pan out financially in many cases. In other instances, poor management allowed for costly delays and cancellations — two of the most common air travel complaints every year — that ultimately led to poor customer reviews and bankruptcy.

All of the airlines that ceased operations struggled financially, often due to fuel costs, currency fluctuations, unfilled seats, or just old fashioned competition. There is another commonality among the airlines that collapsed: in most cases the suspension of service was without warning, even when financial difficulties were well known.

With the demise of these airlines, tens of thousands of people were impacted: passengers left stranded, ticket-holders robbed of their travel plans, airline employees suddenly without a livelihood, and creditors left fighting for a share of the remains in bankruptcy court. (These are 11 of the largest bankruptcies of all time.)

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To compile a list of airlines that have recently gone out of business, 24/7 Tempo reviewed dozens of news articles about the status and ultimate demise of many domestic and international airlines. The following list covers the period since January 2018 until present day.