Special Report

Cost of a Computer the Year You Were Born

Source: Editor at Large / Wikimedia Commons

> Notable computer: Dell XPS M1710
> Price tag: $2,845
> Inflation adjusted price: $3,550

In March 2006, Dell bought high-end gaming machine manufacturer Alienware. That same year, Dell sold the XPS M1710, which was one of the best-rated gaming notebooks of the year.

Source: Carl Berkeley / Wikimedia Commons

> Notable computer: iPhone 1
> Price tag: $599
> Inflation adjusted price: $727

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone in January 2007. Apple has since sold more than 1 billion of its eleven generations of iPhones and is on track to sell far more. By combining a web browser, music player, and cell phone with an innovative user interface, the iPhone sparked a smartphone revolution that continues to change how consumers and technology interact.

Source: Tim Malabuyo / Wikimedia Commons

> Notable computer: MacBook Air
> Price tag: $1,599
> Inflation adjusted price: $1,868

The increasing efficiency of computer chips allowed manufacturers to produce lighter and smaller machines, and the introduction of the MacBook Air in 2008 marked a transition to a new era. The first version could be purchased with a solid-state hard drive — the first mass-market computer to run exclusively with this technology — and weighed just 3 pounds.

Source: Mike Gonzalez / Wikimedia Commons

> Notable computer: HP 2140 Mini-Note
> Price tag: $499
> Inflation adjusted price: $585

Computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard was the industry leader in global PC sales in 2009. It built many of the most popular PCs of the year, including the HP 2140 Mini-Note.

Source: Justin14 / Wikimedia Commons

> Notable computer: iPad
> Price tag: $499
> Inflation adjusted price: $576

Tablet sales amounted to less than 2 million units in the year before the iPad’s release. When the iPad was released in 2010, tablet sales shot up to 19.7 million. By 2016, tablet sales reached 207.1 million. The iPad combined the most popular features of the iPhone on a 9 inch screen, and gave a platform to thousands of new programs and applications.