Countries Where Being Gay Is Legally Punishable by Death

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Source: Mohamad Kaddoura / Getty Images

United Arab Emirates

All sex outside of heterosexual marriage is illegal and those convicted can be imprisoned for up to a year. The Penal Code is not explicitly clear about homosexuality being a capital crime or not. The legal lingo can be interpreted as making all male homosexual intercourse a capital crime but it can also mean that only for forced male homosexual intercourse. Consensual homosexual relations are punishable in several ways, including hanging. There is no record to date of consensual homosexual acts being punished by anything but jail terms of differing lengths and fines.

Source: Moin Uddin / Getty Images


LGBT rights in Pakistan are a taboo topic. Homosexual acts are illegal. The country’s Penal Code states that “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” — which can mean homosexuality, even though it’s not explicitly mentioned — is punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment from two years to life. Sharia law was introduced in 1990 and made homosexual acts punishable by whipping, jail term, or death, if it’s a repeat offense.