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25 Health Symptoms People Always Ignore but Never Should

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6. Difficulty sleeping

Difficulty sleeping is a little known allergy symptom, Elliott explained, as are difficulty concentrating and decreased productivity. Having trouble sleeping may also indicate diabetes because high blood sugar levels may cause night sweats and lead them to wake up to go to the bathroom a lot. Waking up a lot and trying to catch your breath may be a sign of heart failure because too much body fluid has accumulated around the lungs. A dysfunctional thyroid can also cause sleep problems because it can overstimulate the nervous system, making falling asleep more difficult. It is also among the health issues that can lead to memory loss.

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7. Numbness in feet

While not an emergency, feeling numbness in your feet for a week or more should be checked out by a doctor. It may be a sign of diabetes, according to Dr. Kent Feldman, a foot surgeon in San Diego, California. High sugar levels in the blood can damage nerves throughout the body. Numb feet can also indicate nerve problems in the lower back, he noted. The nerves going to the legs can be compressed, leading to the lack of sensation.

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8. Dizziness

A sudden drop in blood pressure, which usually feels like dizziness and lightheadedness, is another little-known symptom that can occur in the setting of a severe allergic reaction, Elliott said. “This is why we tell patients to lay down and elevate their legs right away if they feel a severe (anaphylactic) reaction coming on.”

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9. Chest pain

Chest pain or discomfort is a symptom of acid reflux. If this is the underlying cause, standing so your body is in a straightened position will usually help. If, however, the problem is more serious, such as heart disease, it will keep hurting regardless of the position. Angina — chest pain caused by the heart not getting enough oxygen — can be stable or unstable. The latter may require immediate medical attention to prevent a heart attack. (These are the states with the most heart disease.)

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10. Sharp neck pain

Neck pain is often caused by spasms or a strain after holding awkward positions for a long time, such as sleeping on a pillow that is too high. Neck pain, however, can also be caused by chronic conditions such as arthritis. Meningitis, a potentially deadly condition, can also lead to neck pain because of the inflammation of the tissues around the spinal cord. The bacterial infection, however, would most likely come with other symptoms such as a severe headache and fever. Fever is one of these 11 medical conditions aspirin may treat.

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