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Best Song About Every State

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11. Hawaii
> Song: Beach in Hawaii
> Artist: Ziggy Marley
> Spotify plays: 40,320,000

Ziggy Marley has maintained his family’s beach-loving tradition throughout his career, especially on “Beach In Hawaii.” The Jamaican star not only shared his love for the island state on the track, but also made a guest appearance on the CBS reboot series “Hawaii Five-0.”

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12. Idaho
> Song: Private Idaho
> Artist: The B-52’s
> Spotify plays: 4,040,000

Athens, Georgia’s beloved art-poppers, the B-52’s, scored a top anthem for the Gem State with “Private Idaho.” The love affair between the band and Idaho hasn’t died down since the song’s 1980 release. In 2017, band member Cindy Wilson told Idaho’s Sandpoint Reader, “It’s always fun to come back to Idaho.”

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13. Illinois
> Song: Illinois
> Artist: Brett Eldredge
> Spotify plays: 2,940,000

Brett Eldredge brings a healthy dose of homestate pride to his anthem “Illinois.” The track was, in fact, penned by Eldredge along with his co-writers after an afternoon cruising through some of the rural farming communities near the singer’s hometown.

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14. Indiana
> Song: Small Town
> Artist: John Mellencamp
> Spotify plays: 20,822,000

John Mellencamp’s “Small Town” is a classic anthem in Indiana, but the first draft of the lyrics was riddled with spelling errors. He struggled so mightily typing out the lyrics that members of his family laughed out loud as his digital typewriter rejected the misspellings.

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15. Iowa
> Song: Iowa (Traveling, Pt. 3)
> Artist: Dar Williams
> Spotify plays: 556,000

“Iowa (Traveling, Pt. 3)” has endeared Dar Williams to the residents of the Hawkeye State, but the state also occupies a piece of her heart. Williams told website GoPride that she loves to write while on the road, and that she has “little pieces of [her] personality identifying with all of these different parts of the country.”

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