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The Biggest Health Mistakes People Make in the Summer

Summer is a time to go on vacation, enjoy the outdoors, and have fun at open air concerts. So taking care of one’s health may not be on the list of priorities — but it should. While your top priorities might include enjoying barbecue food, sweet cold beverages, and spending hours out in the sun, taking certain health precautions should also be atop that priority list throughout the whole summer. 

“Temperature, humidity, and direct sun are the three most serious causes for most summer-related health problems,” according to Dr. Bonnie Simmons, emergency medicine doctor in Brooklyn, New York. They lead to dehydration and sunburn. This is why you should never do these 11 things when it’s hot outside

The easy ways to avoid any issues is to drink a lot of water — this is appropriate for people of any age — and to not be in hot weather, which is most crucial for elderly people. As we age we don’t feel thirsty as often as a person’s sense of thirst becomes less acute with age, Simmons explained. So by the time you feel a need to drink some water, you may be way too dehydrated, and dehydration can be a dangerous condition. 

Summer health hazards can lead to serious consequences if people don’t take the proper measures to avoid them. Some consequences are so common, and doctors see them repeat year after year. While some heat-related health issues can cause injuries that are quickly recoverable, others can cause long-term health damage.

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To identify some of the most serious health mistakes people make in the summer, 24/7 Tempo consulted an urgent care doctor and reviewed several sources including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Health Institutes, National Fire Protection Association, and the Food and Drug Administration.