Special Report

The Strangest Fair Foods Ever

Source: Courtesy of Pamela M. via Yelp

Ants on a stick
> Wisconsin State Fair

There’s a Chinese dish called Ants Climbing a Tree (the “tree branches” are glass noodles; the “ants” are bits of ground pork), and there’s a 1950’s-era kids’ treat called Ants on a Log, made by spreading peanut butter, cream cheese, or some other sticky spread on celery and sprinkling raisins over the top. Don’t be fooled: This time the ants are real. This concoction is made by slathering marshmallow fluff over a large pretzel stick, then rolling it in… actual dead ants, which are said to have a sourish taste.

Source: Courtesy of Ashley J. via Yelp

Big Daddy Cheeto and Cheese
> Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

This is basically a corn dog, made with a pecan-smoked beef and pork sausage and almost as big as an actual canine. It’s fried in a crisp batter, then topped with cheddar and rolled in Flaming Hot Cheetos.

Source: Courtesy of Rose G. via Yelp

The Big Rib
> Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

This Texas-size hunk of meat is a two-pound beef rib on a 17-inch bone, slow-smoked and served with smoky or spicy barbecue sauce or garlic sauce.