Special Report

The Strangest Fair Foods Ever

Source: Courtesy of Lori B. via Yelp

Chicken and waffles pizza
> Florida State Fair

An actual pizza with a syrupy crust, this pizza is topped with pieces of fried chicken, waffle shards, bacon, mozzarella, and more syrup.

Source: David Berkowitz / Flickr

Chicken-fried bacon
> Maui County Fair (Hawaii)

Chicken-fried steak is a specialty of Texas and Oklahoma. But why mess around with a piece of pounded beef when you can chicken-fry smoky, salty bacon?

Source: medea_material / Flickr

Deep-fried beer
> State Fair of Texas

How do you deep-fry a liquid? Well, actually, modernist wizard chef Ferran Adrià  probably could have managed it — but this Texas version is a bit of a cheat. It isn’t actually the beer that’s deep fried: Beer is injected into ravioli-like pretzel-dough pockets and those are what goes into the oil. Call them alcoholic soup dumplings.