Special Report

The Strangest Fair Foods Ever

Source: Courtesy of Dan O. via Yelp

Deep-fried Starbucks coffee
> Orange County Fair (California)

Coffee beans are coffee, right? So technically, if you grind some up with chocolate and form them into balls to be fried, that’s fried coffee. And it’s served in one of those iconic Starbucks cups with — what else? — sugar and whipped cream on the side.

Source: Courtesy of Kim V. via Yelp

Deep-fried crème brûlée
> San Diego County Fair (California)

This one’s new for 2019 at this Southern California fair. The dense caramelized-sugar-topped custard is formed into balls and, well, deep fried.

Source: Courtesy of Julie P. via Yelp

Deep-fried Fruity Pebbles shrimp on a stick
> Los Angeles County Fair

This creation has really made the rounds, appearing not only in L.A. but at fairs in various other parts of California and in Houston and Tucson, among other places. It’s just what it sounds like: shrimp coated in a crust of multi-colored Fruity Pebbles cereal, then deep fried and mounted on a stick or placed on bread to make a po’boy sandwich.