Special Report

Dangerous Bug Bites to Watch Out for in the Summer

The chirp of crickets. The rhythmic sounds of cicadas. The sudden, intense flicker of lightning bugs. The cute red-and-black ladybugs appearing like bright ornaments on green leaves. Summer magic!

And then there’s the rest of the critters out there. The ones that bite and burrow and sting. These uninvited guests at picnics, on the beach, in the woods, or even the back yard or porch make you long for the great indoors. Insects.

Summertime heat and humidity creates an ideal environment for seasonal bugs, and we’re likely to encounter them as we spend more time outdoors and as warm days turn into long evenings. Our shorts, sleeveless outfits and strappy sandals are exposing plenty of skin for bugs to dine on.

24/7 Tempo reviewed several sources, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the World Health Organization, to bring you a list of bugs you might encounter this summer, and what’s likely to happen if they get too close and personal.

Bug bites are certainly a possible summer health hazard, but it’s not the only one, especially if you don’t know how to protect your body. To find out, check out these biggest health mistakes people make in the summer.

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