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Summer Snacks That Are Actually Ruining Your Diet

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6. Whole wheat bread

“Whole wheat breads and pastas are okay for someone who is trying to lose weight if eaten correctly,” Rivera said. This mainly means watching the serving size. When it comes to these types of carbohydrates, people have to be mindful of how much they are eating and should look at the nutrition label for sugar and sodium content, she added.

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7. Some frozen foods

Frozen foods seem like an ideal option in the summer. No need to make the room hotter by cooking food, you just warm them up. They are very convenient; however, Rivera said, they are usually packed with high amounts of sodium for preservation. “I recommend my weight-loss clients to opt for no-salt-added frozen veggies or no-sugar-added frozen fruits.” Other types of frozen foods would not be recommended for someone in a weight-loss phase, she noted.

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8. Cereals

Cereals are so popular for breakfast that trying to pick the right brand can be difficult. Most have one thing in common — added sugar. “For all of my weight loss clients I recommend not buying cereals for the simple fact that most have high sugar content,” Rivera said. She also pointed out that calories from cereal could add up especially quickly if serving sizes are not observed.

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9. Deli meats

Deli meats are usually not ideal for someone who is trying to lose weight because of their high sodium content, Rivera said. “Consumption of high sodium can cause water retention and could cause frustration to a client who doesn’t see the scale moving.” A study at Queen Mary University in London found a link between obesity and sodium intake. For every extra gram of salt a person consumes in a day — that’s about four teaspoons — his or her risk of becoming obese increases by 25%.

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10. Fruit juice

You know you have to stay hydrated when it’s hot but drinking plain ol’ water all the time can get somewhat boring. Who can blame you for wanting to spice things up with something cold and sweet? That drink maybe should not be fruit juice. It isn’t ideal for someone trying to lose weight because of its added sugar, Rivera said. “If the nutrition label is misread, a lot more calories can be consumed.” Take a look at the added sugar and serving size.