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Summer Snacks That Are Actually Ruining Your Diet

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21. Lobster rolls

Lobster rolls are so popular in the summer they should probably be called “summer lobster rolls.” They are especially famous in New England, where they are thought to have originated. Lobster itself is a healthy fish. It contains the good kind of fat — omega 3s — as well as selenium, magnesium, protein, and no carbs. But the lobster roll has lots of other ingredients that are not so good for you — mainly butter and mayonnaise. And most people are likely to have a side too, such as fries or chips. And what could have been a healthy sandwich is now a caloric bomb.

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22. Milkshakes

Milkshakes comes in many flavors and recipes can vary greatly. Overall, those sold in fast-food restaurants should most likely be avoided if you’re watching your weight. Just one small cup may contain more than 500 calories — that’s about a quarter of the daily recommended limit of 2,000. The sweet dessert contains sugar and several cups of ice cream, as well as milk.

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23. Popsicles

This is not the worst frozen treat you can have in the summer in terms of calories, but you should be aware of the sugar content. The treat contains basically no vitamins or other healthy ingredients. About a fifth of the popsicle is just sugar. And consuming sugar can make you want to have more sugar. So next time you might be reaching for a dessert containing even more sugar, calories, and fat.

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24. Veggie chips

Most people know fried potato chips are not among the healthiest snacks on the market. So they opt for a better sounding name such as “veggie chips.” But maybe they should steer clear of them too. “People think they are great because they see something that looks like vegetables,” Donovan Maycock, a nutritionist at Perfect Solutions, a nutrition and weight loss center in San Antonio, said. “But they are cooked in oil and heavily processed.” The healthy ingredients have been lost in the process. As the label indicates, there are no actual vegetables in the veggie chips, just vegetable powders, along with salt and one or more kinds of oil. Veggie chips contain just slightly fewer calories and a little bit less fat than potato chips.

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25 Beer

Ice cold beer is often the preferred beverage to beat the summer heat. But it falls in the category of drinks that contain “empty calories,” according to Younkin. “These foods and drinks have a lot of calories but not a lot of nutrients,” she said. “They don’t contain protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins, or minerals.” While it’s OK to consume such drinks in moderation, they should be avoided if you’re trying to lose weight but are not seeing any progress, Younkin noted.