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47 Hottest Phones of All Time

More than 80% of American adults own a smartphone, and 96% have a cell phone of some kind, according to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center earlier this year. As phone technology has progressed over the years, use of the devices has expanded from simple communication to nearly every major aspect of life at home and in the workplace.

The modern telephone has evolved considerably since its invention in 1876, and each development has altered the way people live and interact with the world. 24/7 Wall St. conducted an extensive review of the phones that represented breakthroughs in the industry. From Alexander Graham Bell’s original telephone to the latest iPhone, these devices represent the hottest phones in history.

Some phones on this list perhaps introduced smaller technological improvements, but because of marketing, design, and timing, they managed to become extremely popular nonetheless. The Nokia 1100, the top-selling phone of all time, capitalized on a simple, cheap design and emerging global markets to sell more than 250 million units worldwide between 2003 and 2009.

Still other phones represented such marked improvements over the existing technology at the time that they became widely adopted and used for years. The original iPhone implemented a simple touchscreen design and forever changed the smartphone standard, while also selling millions of devices within the year.

The vast majority of these devices have been discontinued long ago, and despite once being wildly popular, many can only be found today in the hands of collectors or in landfills. Here is a list of once popular cell phones and smart phones that no longer exist.

Some early Bell phones on this list may not have been widely owned, but they represent breakthroughs. At the time, these phones changed the way people lived, as the advent of the cell phone would come decades later. Here is a list of technologies that will change the way we live life in the future.

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