10 Things Mosquitoes Are Good For

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Source: Ocs_12 / Getty Images

1. Larvae are food for other larvae

Mosquito larvae are a food source for other kinds of larvae.

Source: JeanRee / Getty Images

2. Larvae are food for other insects

Larvae are also a meal for insects such as dragonflies.

Source: Sinhyu / Getty Images

3. Protozoan diversity

Canadian ecologist John Addicott observed in 1974 that there was more protozoan diversity with mosquito larvae. Addicott believed that as larvae feed, they reduce the number of dominant species of protozoa, providing for greater diversity.

Source: romrodinka / Getty Images

4. Putting nutrients into ecosystem

Mosquito larvae consume a lot of organic matter in wetlands, helping recycle nutrients back into the ecosystem.The larvae strain organic particles through their systems and convert this material into their own tissue matter.

Source: mauribo / Getty Images

5. Larvae are fish food

Mosquito larvae are food for fish and play a role in the aquatic food chain. Some fish such as the mosquitofish might become extinct but scientists believe other fish would adjust to an environment without mosquitoes and find other food sources.