Special Report

24/7 Wall St. & Zogby Analytics BattleGround State Poll: Most Alaskan Voters Do Not Support Trump but Agree on Certain Issues

More than half of voters in Alaska say they tell people they do not support President Trump but in private agree with him on certain issues. It’s astonishing that in a “red state,”  people still feel afraid to support President Trump. This was especially true of full-time employees in the private sector, Generation X and middle/upper income households.

Economy/jobs (27%) was the most popular issue for Alaskans in 2020. This is followed by trust/truthfulness (18%), but economy beats out all the big Democratic issues, such as, racism (4%), gun control (2%), The Green New Deal (1%) and Medicare for all (10%); in some instances more than 10 to 1.

Sanders and Biden do the best against the President in a “red” state like Alaska because they make in-roads with women, younger voters, lower income voters and Independents, while Harris, Warren and Buttigieg lag with these groups.