Trump in Dead Heats With Biden and Sanders, Half of Voters “Silently” Support Trump

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President Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) were statistically tied among likely voters nationwide. Sanders polled very well with suburban women (Sanders leads 45% to 36%) and Hispanics (Sanders leads 52% to 43%). The race between Sanders and Trump is tightly contested with other important sub-groups, such as independents (both tied at 39%), and large-city voters (both tied at 46%), which are groups Sanders has done very well with in recent polls and usually beats Trump among; our personal polling the last year and a half supports this finding.

Bernie Sanders follows the typical Democratic pattern when it comes to support among other sub-groups we normally track: he dominates with younger voters (Sanders received 66% support among Generation Z, those people born from 1995 to 2010), women (Sanders leads 46% to 39%), African Americans (Sanders leads 77% to 17%), suburban parents (Sanders leads 46% to 38%), medium-city voters (Sanders leads 53% to 38%), and small-city voter (Sanders leads 47% to 43%).

Trump wins with men (Trump leads 52% to 41%); voters over 50; consumer blocs such as weekly Walmart shoppers (Trump leads 52% to 40%), weekly Amazon shoppers (Trump leads 54% to 41%), and NASCAR fans (Trump leads 64% to 29%); union voters (Trump leads 57% to 34%); suburban voters (Trump leads 46% to 40%); and urban parents (Trump leads 54% to 40%).

If the 2020 presidential election were held today and the candidates were Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Kamala Harris, who would you vote for? % US
Republican Donald Trump 44
Democrat Kamala Harris 42
Not sure 14