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Most Americans Will Struggle to Pronounce These 50 Town Names

Source: Faustus37 / Wikimedia Commons

1. Acequia, Idaho
> Total characters: 7
> Total vowels: 5
> Population: 170

Acequia is named after the Spanish word for irrigation ditch — the area has an extensive irrigation system — and is pronounced the same way: “uh-SEEK-we-uh.” If you don’t pronounce it correctly, don’t worry, as the town only has a population of 124.

Source: mdesigner125 / Getty Images

2. Ahwatukee, Arizona
> Total characters: 9
> Total vowels: 5
> Population: N/A

Ahwatukee, an urban village in south Phoenix, is pronounced “ah-wuh-too-kee.”

Source: Joshua McDonough / Getty Images

3. Aiea, Hawaii
> Total characters: 4
> Total vowels: 4
> Population: 9,332

Aiea gets its name from the Hawaiian language and is pronounced “ah-ee-ay-ah” or “eye-ay-ah.” It’s part of Honolulu and close to Pearl Harbor, so there’s lots to see nearby.

Source: Flory / Getty Images

4. Arapahoe, Wyoming
> Total characters: 8
> Total vowels: 5
> Population: 1,586

Arapahoe is situated within the Wind River Indian Reservation, which is home to the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes. It’s not as difficult to pronounce as it might seem — simply “a-RAP-a-hoe.”

Source: 63875512@N04 / Flickr

5. Auxier, Kentucky
> Total characters: 6
> Total vowels: 4
> Population: 850

This one’s a challenge: Auxier is named after a family who also used the spelling “Axer,” “Oxer,” and “Auxer.” They pronounced their name “ok-sur,” but some locals use “ox-yer.” Either way, it’s two syllables, not three.